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Access for All Teachers and for All Students

Read. Apply. Perform.(R.A.P.)™  Reading Curriculum designed for Middle & High School Students, who struggle with reading proficiency including those with Dyslexia

Follows the Science of Reading

Is *Multisensory*Explicit*Sequential*Cumulative*Comprehensive


Fully Comprehensive...

  • Middle School

  • High School 

  • Grade level references

  • Core course vocabulary


Fully Classroom Ready!

  • Five teacher manuals

  • Grapheme Reading Deck

  • Phoneme-Keyword Deck

  • Orthography-Spelling Deck

  • Affixes Deck

  • Root Words Deck

  • Student Manual

  • Alphabet Strips

  • Mirrors

  • No consumables to purchase


Fully ACCESSIBLE to...

All Teachers

  • 52-Scripted daily lessons

  • No specialized training required


Middle & High School Students

  • The method of instruction targets 95% of learners

  • Intervention for struggling students

  • Aesthetically pleasing to the student's grade level

Research tells us...

The National Reading Panel (NRD), assessed the effectiveness of various approaches for teaching children to read. They concluded that instruction must include 5 essential components of reading - phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, including oral reading skills and reading comprehension strategies. NICHD, 2000


Since the 1990's, multisensory structural language education (MSLE) has been dedicated to structured, systematic, direct teaching of the organization of language linking the eye, ear, voice, and hand in symbolic learning. Birsh, 2005

According to the National Institute of Health Reading Scores (NICHD), 65% of 12th graders did not reach reading proficiency grade level. 

NAEP, 2019

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