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  • Why would I buy this curriculum over more familiar curriculums?
    The ©R.A.P.TM Program was designed specifically for the secondary teacher who works with struggling students, and the student who struggles with learning and missed reading intervention at the elementary level. The curriculum follows the science of reading components structured into the daily lessons, complying with all the requirements to serve students with dyslexia.
  • What makes this curriculum different?
    Although therapy level curriculum, it does not require a therapist. The material is core content relevant, uses grade level academic vocabulary, is aesthetically appealing to the secondary student, and can be completed within two school semesters.
  • What are the most unique feature of this curriculum?
    1. The 52-lessons are scripted and easily followed by teachers. 2. The program does not require specialized training in multisensory language education. 3. Instruction is designed to be delivered in a direct, explicit, sequential, and cumulative order. 4. The program is comprehensive and teaches the entire structure of the English language. 5. Purchasing consumables is not required.
  • What consumables must I buy on a regular basis.
    There are no consumables to purchase. There is a student book that can be purchased, but it is optional.
  • Can I buy a manual or a deck separately?
    Yes. Each product is priced separately and can be purchased separately as well.
  • How do I find out about the product?
    Contact ReadDiscover via email for a "Product Presentation" appointment for your district or group.
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