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Does your student have academic difficulty with…

  • pronouncing names of people, places or parts of words

  • word retrieval

  • spoken vocabulary

  • notetaking

  • written production

  • remembering sequences

  • completing the reading demands of multiple course requirements and writing assignments

  • Poor study habits


Source: Carreker, S. (2008, September), IDA


Does your student have behavior such as…

  • Does not want to do homework

  • Gets in fights

  • Frequently ends up in in-school suspension or alternative school

  • Clowns around in class

  • Argues in class

  • Won’t get up in the morning for school

  • Leaves class for frequent bathroom breaks or nurse visits

  • Likes to cruise the hallways

  • Chronic illnesses/health issues – headaches, stomachaches, stress, anxiety, depression


Your Child Shouldn’t Have to…

  • Struggle to learn

  • Feel ashamed of being behind

  • Feel judged by family, friends, and peers

We understand how overwhelming it can be to figure out how to help your child learn well. We empower and equip your child with all the right tools so they can gain the confidence, skills, and independence needed to not just survive, but thrive in school and life!



Organized Curriculum & Lessons

Easy to Understand

All curriculum is organized, categorized, and pre-planned in advance to make learning and using the curriculum as easy as possible


Student Access

Open to Students

Access for students who are identified with learning diabilities but struggle with the traditional reading methods


Teacher Access

Access for the Teacher

Access to effective curriculum for the teacher in one easy to reference place


High Value

Cost Effective

We provide a lot of value yet remain competitively priced to bring you the greatest value on the market

Promote Student Success



Explicit, Direct, Systematic, Sequential

Cumulative & Comprehensive

Scripted & Easy to follow

What makes us special?


Specifically designed for  middle and high school students struggling with reading proficiently.

The material is on grade level using academic vocabulary.

The material is respectful of the grade level student as it is aesthetically pleasing and gives dignity to their age.

The material reflects many core content components that students have missed throughout their years of struggling.

In the state of Texas alone, researchers state that, “Approximately 80% of prison inmates are reported to be functionally illiterate. We hypothesized that poor single word decoding (the chief feature of dyslexia) accounts for a significant percentage of that rate.” (Moody KC, Holzer CE 3rd, Roman MJ, Paulsen KA, Freeman DH, Haynes M, James TN. Prevalence of dyslexia among Texas prison inmates. Tex Med. 2000 Jun;96(6):69-75. PMID: 10876375.

The mean income of 60% of high school dropouts, earn anaverage annual income of $8,358 (CPS Supplement, March 2008)



Math Teacher

Benefits for the Student: redirects a student’s life trajectory making them ready for career, military or college

Benefits for the Teacher: follows the state requirements, scripted, no special training, no guess work, no planning, everything is done

Benefits for the Administrator: follows the state requirements, improves reading test scores, reduces poor behavior and dropout rate, increases academic achievement

Benefits for Society: creates a productive and happy citizen


Dear Educators and Administrators,

From Dairy Queen to Dreams.  No drive through East Texas is complete without a visit to Dairy Queen. It was our turn to order, The young man behind the counter was friendly as one would expect. My guesshe was older than the typical teen doing a summer job.  Working for a minimum hourly wage at Dairy Queen is not going to provide for a home and a family.  A person with low reading ability, low reading comprehension, and a limited vocabulary will have limited wage-earning options. Reading is foundational to opening up opportunities and possibilities.

65% of the secondary student population are not on reading grade level. (NAEP, 2019). This need not always be the case.  The ReadDiscover curriculum, was designed specifically for the secondary student not on grade level reading ability. The ReadDiscover training material uses grade level references and core content vocabulary. The training material is scripted, making it classroom ready day one… results should be recognized within 10-15 days.

With great regards,



Anne N. Ruff, M.Ed.

Anne resides in Texas and is a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, a Certified Academic Language Therapist with a Master in education.  Although most of her 12 years of public education was working with students with dyslexia, her experience includes teaching elementary, middle and high school and also encompasses English Learners, Special Education and general education. During her teaching and therapy career, she mastered the method of multisensory, explicit, systematic, cumulative instruction in the delivery of structured literacy.

Anne N. Ruff is a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, a Certified Academic Language Therapist is trained in the structure of the English Language.  Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin  with an undergraduate degree in Child Development and with a Master of Education degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, she has 12 years of education experience teaching students in elementary, middle and high school in the areas of dyslexia, ESL, Special and General Education. During her teaching and academic therapy career, she has mastered the delivery of multisensory, explicit, systematic, cumulative and comprehensive instruction on the structure and rationale of the English language, effectively improving reading challenges, increasing reading accuracy and fluency for struggling secondary students.

md-duran-1VqHRwxcCCw-unsplash Valedictorian.jpg

Trained in multisensory language education (MSLE) and the structure of the English language, equipped me to work in public education as a dyslexia therapist.  Teaching the structure of the English language in a sequential, systematic, cumulative, direct, and explicit way, effectively remediates reading problems in most students.  After years of working with secondary students, both middle and high school, and using various Orton-Gillingham, research-based curriculums, the effectiveness of the method was evident. 

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